Our Social World

After winning a pitch contest at my college in 2013, I was presented with the great opportunity of working at the CNN headquarters in New York to create a cartoon for HLN's re-branding campaign to become the cable network for the social media generation.


"Social World Update" was the brainchild of comedy writer Chris DeLuca and myself to satirize the quality of click-bait journalism in the social media age as well as criticize the direction of the company. We worked on Our Social World for 13 months creating shorts and an 11-minute pilot.

I was the co-creator, co-director, co-writer, animator and sound designer on the project.

Miscellaneous Animation

I started animating and submitting to Newgrounds when I was 11 years old. While I consider myself more a fan of animation rather than an animator myself, I have created a few things over the years that I am still fond of.

1. I Suck at Street Fighter (Maya)

2. Can Love (First stop-motion attempt)

3. Social Media Through the Ages (HLN upfront cartoon)