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Dash Quasar is a VR game about the imaginary games we all played as children. You are Alex, and you are grounded. In an attempt to combat your crippling boredom you play your favorite imaginary video game, Dash Quasar.

Use everyday household items to interface with the imaginary world. Use a hammer to repair your ship, a magnet to deflect missiles, or a soda can to cast elemental magic. Do whatever it takes to bring down the evil teddy bear, Dr. Hugs.

Full Game Playthrough

Jose Vergara        Creative Director

James Zolyak       Sound Design and Implementation

Sung Chu Liao     Programmer + 3D Artist

Bingnan Li           Programmer

Keyan Sun           Design + Additional Programming

Alex Kalpakoff     Sound Design + Voice Talent

Alex Farrell          Composer

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